Terms of Services

SolidNIC is a trademark of Yeacon Software Ltd. located in 1314 st. 13/20 Mersin/Turkey. In this agreement, SolidNIC represents Yeacon Ltd.

1. Services SolidNIC Provides

SolidNIC provides domain name registration, dedicated server, virtual private server services.

2. Refund Policy

2.1. Domain Names

Because of registering a domain name is cannot be cancelled, we do not refund domain name orders.

2.2. Dedicated Server and Virtual Private Servers

We have 99% network uptime guarantee. If your servers gone offline because of network problems these caused by us, you can apply for refunds. After reviewing your application, we can refund your last period's payment.

3. Legal Authority

To solve any kind of disagreements, only Republic of Turkey, Mersin commercial courts are authorized.

By using our services, you accept that you read, understand and accept all the terms of services of SolidNIC.

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